How To: Approach a woman on a street

Approach a woman on a street

DeStorm teaches viewers how they should approach a woman on the street. You should not talk to a woman after she passes by walking. Do not yell or holler at her! Also, do not step in front of women, you should instead, walk up beside her and say something clever. Do not whistle at women either - it does not work! All you have to say is 'How are you doing?" or even "Good morning" to offer respect. You should also be confident. Try to keep your composure and come in with confidence. Do not try to be too aggressive. Also, try to approach women that are on your level. If you see a girl with her headphones on you should wait to see if she takes them off so make sure she sees you. Don't approach her demanding that she take them off. Also, be original! Be yourself! Be more interested in what's going on in her head - not about her body! Just relax and talk about your day! Find out about her!

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