How To: Talk to a woman at Starbucks without approaching

Talk to a woman at Starbucks without approaching

The video is about dating tips and the guy explains how to start conversations with women in a local coffee shop or any local hangout without having to take much of trouble to approach them. He says that instead of sitting at your office, go to your local coffee shop with your dog. He says that he is going to sit there with his dog and start reading his Los Angeles Time newspaper. Also he is going to use his blackberry for email or something. Also he is going to start looking around and he says that while doing all these you should also see what kind of conversations are people having in the tables next to you, see if there conversations that you can jump into. Also he asks you to look out for people who are being friendly or who is waiting outside with their dog and who is waiting outside for their friend and thus start engaging people in conversation at coffee shops. He then summarizes the whole idea that you take your newspaper and phone to the local coffee shop and sit there reading. Then start paying attention to everything that is going on around you, if you do that its easy to start conversing with people immediately. He also that dating and meeting the right person is building up a social network full of people that you don't know. so he asks you to go to that local coffee shop and start flirting.

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