How To: Ask a girl out with success

Ask a girl out with success

Vanae goes over some tips on how to successfully ask a girl out in this video tutorial. The first tip offered in this tutorial is building a connection between yourself and the girl. This means talking and getting to know the girl before asking her out. The next tip is figuring out what she likes as far as restaurants and movies. The third step is to decide where you want to take her. For example, if there is a new restaurant that just opened up, Vanae suggests asking the girl if she wants to go with you to that new restaurant. Then, in the final step ask her out and ask what days and times work for her. Make sure to confirm the day before the date to make sure that day and time still works. If it doesn't, then you can always move it to another time. In the event, you met this person online, send an e-mail or tag her on the messenger and mention a restaurant to her. If a girl says no, just remember to keep everything light and simple. If she says no, just let it roll off your shoulder and don't take it personally. The trick, Vanae says is to just have the courage to ask and be realistic that not everyone is going to say yes. Follow the tips in this video tutorial to get confidence and learn the steps leading up to asking a girl out on a date.

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