How To: Get the Girl You've Always Wanted

Get the Girl You've Always Wanted

Step 1 Confidence

A key ingredient to building any relationship is having the confidence to ask any given woman out in the first place. Women find confidence in a man more attractive than his looks, and at first, even his personality (you will, however, have to have a good personality to keep her interested). Getting the confidence to walk up to a woman can be a task that can make even the toughest of men shake. If you have naturally low self-esteem, then try some different routines to boost your confidence. Start eating right and doing physical exercise. If you feel good about your body, then you will feel good about yourself in general.

Step 2 Don't Take It Too Seriously

The first time you walk up to a woman, make sure it's the right setting and have some sort of conversation planned out. Crack a few jokes about where you're at, ask her what her name is, what she likes, and if she's interested, the rest will come easily. Always maintain eye contact, good posture, and above all, don't take it too seriously. There are plenty of fish in the sea and if this one doesn't bite, it's not the end of the world. Even if you fell for her the first time you saw her, I promise you there will be others.

Step 3 Maintain Her Interest

At this point, if things have gone your way than you should have at least a phone number or a date planned out by now. Remember, personality can be key in keeping her around. Have authority, but be caring. For your first date, don't act like you don't have an opinion on where to go. Make the decision yourself. Women like a man who can take charge and handle a situation. There are a variety of places that you could take her on your first date. Dinner and a movie is okay, but not that exciting. She probably has done dinner and a movie a thousand times before and wants something a little different. Find something that's fun and interactive depending on her interests. Take her on a hike to a good spot and have a picnic, or take her to  local hotspot. On the first date, ask her some questions about herself and listen to her. Listen to her likes, dislikes and keep mental notes. A man that will pay attention to her is a man worth having.

Step 4 The First Kiss

Most women will say they don't kiss on the first date, but if they've fallen for you at this point, they will make an exception. Whenever you drop her off from your first date, be a gentleman and get the door for her. Walk her to the door and if you feel the timing to be right, then go for it. Don't attack the poor girl's face but don't take your time either. If she's interested she will kiss you back. If you don't think the time is right, then a hug and a peck on the cheek will suffice. Hopefully, if you've done everything right, your relationship will blossom from here.

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thanks bro, now I know how to get my dream chick haha.

i like the advice about doing something other than a dinner and a movie. dinner and a movie is sooo boring!

looking for good long term relationship here Jerry care ...

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