News: 'Please Like Me' Embraces Awkwardness of Growing Up (Sponsored)

'Please Like Me' Embraces Awkwardness of Growing Up (Sponsored)

Being in your twenties is tough. You're not a child anymore, but also not quite a full-fledged "adult" yet. Sure, you do adult things like cook asparagus sometimes, but you're also sweating about securing enough likes on your social media posts.

For anyone who's ever experienced the awkward stage in between 20 and 30, pivot TV's original comedy series Please Like Me will hit home by capturing all the drama, triumphs, pain and utter hilarity of growing up.

From the mind of Australian comedian Josh Thomas, who actually draws from his own real life experiences, Please Like Me encourages viewers to relate to the comical situations and embrace the awkwardness of life. The show airs exclusive on pivot on August 1, with a marathon showing up six full episodes in a row.

If you can't wait that long, check out the trailer here and watch the first episode on Join the conversation by visiting the website to share your own Please Like Me story.

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