How To: Attract a woman with just your body language

Attract a woman with just your body language

In this video, dating coach and expert David Wygant will teach you all about how to attract women using only your body language. This video takes you right into the action and is a live, on the field look at an attempt to pick up women in action! This will give you a real life example through the windows of a shopping store. David narrates a situation between a guy and a shop-girl. Within the video, he will teach you how to be open, charming and captivating while flirting with a woman in your life. He teaches you how to make sure that your approach is not boring and instead engaging, how to use the boredom of a woman to your advantage, and how to bring her attention away from the objects and distraction in the surroundings and onto you! You will move from only making a woman smile to fully captivating her into your life!

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