How To: Break-up with your long distance boyfriend nicely

Break-up with your long distance boyfriend nicely

To break up with your long-distance boyfriend and still be on good terms with the guy is hard, but you need to be honest tell him exactly how you're feeling. Say what you have to quickly, and tell him it's not working out how you want it too. Tell him it's not satisfying you, and that it is not the type of relationship that you wanted or would be capable of continuing. Let him know that having a piece of him from a long distance is not cutting it and you just can't do it anymore. Don't lead him on by continuing to talk, and remember to blame it on the distance, not him.

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dont blame it on the distance. i did this when i was trying to break up with my first long distance boyfriend ( i was 20) and he said he would move closer to me so we could see each other more, i then had to change why and tell him the truth- that i just didnt love him anymore. so i seemed like a liar and a jackass. just tell him that you aren't ready for a long distance relationship because you can't handle it, that you aren't feeling it anymore and yes the long distance was a pain but its not the sole reason and that he didnt do anything wrong, its all based on your feelings and unfortunately they're not there.

this advice has given me really good advice on how to break up with my boyfriend from the long distance relationship. my only problem is telling him that i have already found someone new.

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