How To: Flirt like a pro

Flirt like a pro

Want to learn how to flirt with a man or woman you have a crush on? Wouldn't you like to feel relaxed around that special someone? Don't you wish you could just outsource flirting? Well, since that service doesn't exist yet, our love-song specialist Evan Brown from Mahalo has got some flirting tips in this instructional video to put you back in the game of love. Watch this and other videos and you'll be a pro flirt.

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i just learned how to flirt. watch out.

how to flirt... hmmm I am pretty shy in flirting... this video help.. wish i could be an expert... haha

funny #$%@!
I love the "Why im great!" resume scene. LOL

thats 4 fn mins and 32 sec wasted of my life i want them back!!!!!!!!

why girls have to be complicated and rude! that's waste of time. man you no need to pretend and makes yourself like a fool. if you disagree with me, it's up to you whether you want to be a man or a joker! for me speak less, and if they can't understand my silence then they will understand my words. This video makes me sick who teaches women intolerances.

This video really helped me with my dating.
Me and Abdulah were in love from first sight.
We are getting married on Wednesday, thanks.

Faraaz ;)

that wasn't really flirting
that was more of starting a conversation

why I can't watch any video on this site ? what I can see it's all black ! can you help me ?

hi jason, please make sure you have Flash installed on your browser in order to view the videos. we do not host the videos ourselves, but merely point to them.

i think flirting is not all about love

"the mysteries of flurtation"

what is the description of flurting in the dictionary

The video is really funny. But I hope to see more techniques to seduce a woman with the eyes and positions more aroused to make the woman more embarrassed but captive (well I think that doesn´t exist, afterall).

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