How To: Flirt with a girl

Flirt with a girl

Just like any other skill, to be good at flirting you will have to practice. It's not as hard as it may seem once you know what to do. With just a couple of key flirting skills you will be able to make a great impression on anyone.

Asking a girl out can be an intimidating experience. Try flirting to break the ice and see if you get a positive reaction.

You Will Need

* Confidence
* Eye contact
* A smile
* Open-ended questions
* And a sense of humor

Step 1: Be confident

Be confident. Confidence is a trait women find attractive.

Step 2: Make eye contact

Make eye contact with her and greet her with a smile.

Step 3: Approach her

Approach her and ask her an open-ended question that begins with "how" or "why" to encourage a conversation.

Give her all of your attention when she is speaking.

Step 4: Make her laugh

Make her laugh by telling a joke or making a witty comment.

Step 5: Give a compliment

Give her genuine compliments throughout your conversations.

Step 6: Touch her

Gently touch her on her arm or shoulder when talking. Pay close attention to how she reacts and respond appropriately.

Step 7: Ask her out

Ask her out if she positively responds to your flirtatious moves.

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