How To: French kiss

French kiss

This instructional dating video demonstrates how to improve your French kissing skills. Pay attention to these tips to formulate the perfect kiss. Keep your eyes closed, watch your hand movements, and pick a side of the face to aim for. Make sure to do a little lip locking and kiss that lovely person's face before moving in for a serious French kiss.

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i was hoping they would demonstrate...

hahahaha me too...

as delivery right?

I was hoping they would show you how to french kis from in side the mouth

cut him noise and after kiss forever

good vid but show the frenching plz!!!!

guyz i want 1 girl to be mine what is your comment to get her

dude my advice is 2 totally dont follow this dumbass video and just look somewhere else. if u already did follow this video...................ur SCREWED!!!!!!

i think this a video what people don´t want. I needed a video want people want.


haha these vidoes make me laugh, but can you make one of someone doing it right?

yeah seriously i wanted them to demonstrate

nice.. a demo of the frenchin and it'd been perfect..)

please i would way rather have a dude and a girl making out GOD

just show what gonna happen after the kiss

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