How To: Get over your anxiety and ask that hot girl out already

Get over your anxiety and ask that hot girl out already

We Wonder How To worker bees are a little on the older side, but we remember (with a sharp pang of awkwardness) just how hard it was to approach that guy or girl at lunch break during school and ask him/her out. Butterflies in the stomach, queasiness, and hyperventilating were not our friends when we wanted to look cool and suave to impress the one we had our eyes on.

Luckily for you, though, you can watch this dating advice video to learn how to overcome your anxiet and ask that girl out already!

We all know it's tough to approach that girl that you like, or to stand up to that bully at school, especially when there's butterflies involved. Put all of that aside, because this video has the answer! Learn how to harness your inner-courage and overcome your anxiety!

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