How To: Get a phone number in ten easy steps

Get a phone number in ten easy steps

If you are having a difficult time getting someone's phone number this is the how to video for you. Watch and learn ten easy tips to getting a phone number and maybe even a date.

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hey good idea =))

If there where a "state the obvious" olympics you would get the gold!!

..........that was truly pathetic.

this is what happened when i used the ten steps
1.ok i saw the girl
2.i made eye contact but then i realized i was staring
3.after that i did smiled, but it looked like i was a sex offender
4.she smiled back but i think she was laughing at me...
5.while i was approaching her i tripped at fell flat on my face knocking the drink right out of her hand
6.then i introduced my self as geoff the lvl. 60 paladin... i don't think she knew what i meant
7.after i asked her what her favorite pokemon was she realized i wasn't kidding
8.then i a sort of annoyed body language but whatever
9.yes! got her number
10.used it, 20 minute later her 6'5 270 boyfriend came over
...i am typing this from the hospital
i actually never used it

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