How To: Get women with Dr. Neder

Get women with Dr. Neder

This video has a man by the name of Dr. Neder and he has a book by the name, 'how to be a man in a woman's world.' He answers a series of questions. The first question asked is how to get a girl with a boyfriend. The answer this video provides is simply that all girls are looking to date up. Meaning your value and assets, if there is a greater attraction then the girl will end up with you and dump the guy that she is with. Does size matter? The average size of most man is five inches to five and a quarter. If you are still concerned then trim that brush to give an optical inch. A lot of women like the way the man uses the inches that he has. Unless it is super small she will want a man that is confident and caring. Where is a good spot to pick up women? The really bad spots are the bar and the Internet. Those girls are getting thousands of options. The best place is an everyday normal place. The difference is how it is done. Don't use one of the pick up lines that girls have heard for years. Think context, why are you here and what are you here for; this will give you a reason for asking her a question. You have to break the ice with good communication skills. The woman is not going to fall in love with you that very moment. You are going to need to make her feel secure.

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