How To: Handle a hot-and-cold guy

Handle a hot-and-cold guy

In order to handle a Hot-and-Cold Guy, you will need to create an amazing experience. Then, you will need to draw back. You should, then, repeat this pattern over and over again. This should make him want to be with you more. You will need to make him crave you. If he isn't craving you by then, then you need to have a talk with him. Be straightforward, in your conversation. Let him know that you need him to really be with you or you will leave. Let him know that you want a guy that wants to be with you. If it isn't him, then you will find someone else.

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My boyfreind of nearly 3 yres now is talking with me less and less for months. I told him my feelings and asked if he felt unhappy , he said he was tired from work. He goes to bed at 6 pm now and gets up at 4 am , leaves at 6 am, work starts from 8 am to about 4 : 30 pm. We have long distance relationship. before we talked from 7pm to 8pm. His job is no big change. In the morning he wants peaceful reading, not chatting, now goes to bed early, not chating, at weeked, does laundry, housework, shopping, visiting... seldom chatting, What happened then ?

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