How To: Have an eye-catching online dating profile

Have an eye-catching online dating profile

Make a great online dating profile with this tutorial! Having a good profile is very important because when it comes to catching someone's eye and getting them to contact you. You have maybe a few seconds so your profile has to stand out, be interesting, and personable. Photos are also very important. You need 3-5 nice solo photos to put on your profile. Photos will help a person decide if they are interested in you. Posting good head and shoulder and full body photos is important. Do not use old photos, anything older than a year is too old. Also photos of kids should only be on there if you have some. Don't use pictures with alcohol in them. Wear a shirt, taking your shirt off for a picture is arrogant and egotistical. Also don't try showing off by posing with expensive cars and houses. When you write your profile start with a list of keywords and things you are passionate about. Try to make your profile personal don't use stock worn out lines. Put your personality into the profile. When you talk about your work keep is simple. Don't give a lot of specifics that will leave stuff to talk about later. Don't list your income either, you can talk about that later. You can ask a question to go along with your profile as well. If you are talking about travels ask about the travel interests of people looking at your profile. So a question like that is a good icebreaker.

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