How To: Impress a man on a date

Impress a man on a date

Have a date and looking to impress? First dates can be nerve racking and totally awkward. Watch this video on how to impress a man on the first date and stay calm.

You Will Need:
• A nice outfit
• An appetite
• Conversation skills
• Personality

Step 1: Dress up
Dress up for your date. Choose clothes that are flattering yet appropriate for the date's venue.

Step 2: Order what you normally would
Order how you normally would at a restaurant. For example, don't order a salad if you would normally order a steak – men love women who eat!

Step 3: Be kind
Be kind and thoughtful on the date. If you're polite to wait staff and others you encounter, he'll see you as a genuinely kind person.

Step 4: Keep conversation light
Keep the conversation light, especially on a first date. Stay on neutral topics and away from polarizing ones such as religion and politics.

Step 5: Refrain from exes
Refrain from mentioning past relationships or ex-boyfriends. If the date progresses into a more serious relationship, then you may share that information.

Step 6: Ask questions
Ask him questions about what interests him and how he spends his time. Show an interest in what he says. Be a good listener.

Step 7: Be natural
Be yourself, and your personality will come through. Hint about what makes you interesting, but don't overwhelm him. Offering a glimpse of what you have to offer will leave him wanting more.

Trivia: A study showed that 97 percent of men call for a second date within the first three days.

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