How To: Interpret "man speak" to communicate better with men

Interpret "man speak" to communicate better with men

Want to know what he's really thinking? Watch Love U to learn the language of man speak! This will save you time and heartache.

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This is what one would call a stereotypical understanding and the hidden subtext is not always what is labeled in the video. This video puts men in general into a category. Here is an idea though, if a woman does not want a real answer to a question such as "do these jeans make me look fat," then she should not ask said question. The guy did not want to answer the question because the woman was playing a backhanded control game or test in which she wanted a certain answer and was upset when she got a different one. It is scientifically proven that men that a good majority do not think about sex every seven or so seconds as previously believed. You want proof? Here:
Anyway, I believe you need to get less stereotypical and more scientific with the information you wrongly produce to the public. I am done with this. Big FAT F.

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