How To: Kiss and how not to kiss

Kiss and how not to kiss

This instructional dating video demonstrates five of the worst possible ways to kiss someone. There are many ways to kiss a person that can be every enjoyable; like a romantic French kiss, a smooch, or a peck on the cheek. Pay attention to these kissing tips to avoid a dating disaster.

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lo funny but it dint show how TO kiss

good video

That was hilarious! OMG...How many of you have had a great date, until the guy is a complete moron when he kisses? Totally changes your whole perspective of a good night kiss. OMG!

I was laughing my pants off!!! LOL

Ewww the licking was just gross! I would knee him in the crotch if a guy did that to me.

lol. jus... jus wow.
that ending was gross.

emmm this sound so foolish and unreasonable ??? do people behave like this !! not knowing how kiss with feeling to provoke arousal. ahahaha


You're having a laugh right, people actually kiss like that. Lmao

girls can be so complicated, now make me a sammich

so use less 8s so easy even chldren can do dat much better hahaha

you hot

cool video i really liked it....rape pay some attention on this video really help all of us

hahahah.. it so funny

Very funny. :-)

lmao. its funny, but its soooo true! my first kiss was the rape kiss it freaked me out!!! lmao.

OMG this just made me laugh my ass off
Every guy who is unsure of his kissing skills NEEDS to see this at least then he will know what NOT to do.

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