How To: Kiss someone good night

Kiss someone good night

You've had a great date and now it's time to say good night; why don't you seal it with a kiss?

You Will Need
* A date
* A romantic spark

Step 1
At the end of the date, walk your date home.

Step 2
Survey the area to make sure that you two are alone.

Step 3
Read your date's body language – are they interested?

Replay the date in your mind. Steady eye contact and repeated physical contact is a good sign that your date's into you.

Step 4
Set the mood by telling your date you had a great time and that you'd like to do it again some time.

Step 5
Make your move when there's a nervous pause in the conversation.

Don't wait too long; there's a very short window of opportunity here.

Step 6
Lean slowly toward your date and give them a gentle kiss on the cheek. If this is well received, you can go for the lips, but use restraint.

If your date turns their cheek in disinterest, thank them for a nice night, and leave.

Step 7

Say good night and walk away. Don't forget to look back and wave for maximum effect.

Fact: There are 100 times more nerve endings in your lips than there are in your fingertips.

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