How To: Make a Gemini fall in love with you

Make a Gemini fall in love with you

The trick to winning a Gemini's heart is to be the yin to their yang. Learn how to use astrology advice in dating, by watching this how-to dating video. Pick up tips on making a relationship with a Gemini work. Be coy when you meet a Gemini, they love a little mystery in their relationships.

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Gemeni's Rock!

Ha ha ha... I'm a gemini and all this stuff is true...

i'm a leo.. and it's impossible for a leo to get a gemini. thats all.

its not impossible at all im a leo the problem is keeping a gemini there very sweet and nice but there also very mean and bitchy i know this all to well sadly

i'm a gemini, and none of these things are true.

can a Gemini Gemini relationship works?

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