How To: Make a girl fall in love with you

Make a girl fall in love with you

We all want to know how to make a girl fall in love with us. If you can't do that then at least how to keep her interested. Vanae gives some dating advice to guys. It's also great for guys who are already dating or in a relationship.

These tips will make you feel better about yourself, and if you like yourself, other people will realize you're worth loving too. Watch this instructional video and learn the eight ways to improve your dating and love life. If you study these tips you'll be able to make a girl fall in love with you.

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every woman wants a man who is a good provider ( who has a good and stable job). a person who lives alone, also that is gets alone with his family. (no a mama's boy) a woman wants a man who know how to cook's and has a hobby example: a man who likes painting, and art and craft. A woman likes a man who is not cheap, a man that is sweet , confident, a good listener is very important because woman likes to talk much so it is very important that you listen.

A woman wants a man to have goals and dreams and make good things happen. we don't like a man who is ruff , that like to hurt, humiliate, and doesn't communicate. if you are man you have to be sweet and gentle and even if the woman sometimes is wrong and argues just agree with it other wise you are in a lot of trouble woman is always right even when they are wrong you ever hear that saying. always agree you will save yourself a head ache. if you want more advice ask me i will answer. ah, there is a very important thing woman are like receivers meaning they can spot when you are lying to then, hiding something from then, or doing something that your not sopouse to . they often finds out what's going on and some times they pretend they don't know some they confront you some they ignore where ever you have done wrong and so they pretend to be stupid so don't lie, cheat, hurt , or do something that is wrong the woman are clever and sneaky. the most important of all womans value the true and honesty from a man if you base a relationship from the beginning with honesty and good communication your relationship will last. you will win a woman through love no through sex. the woman's weakness is through the heart.

why do i know all this is because my great- grand parents, grand parents, their marriages has lasted until their last breath. now my parents have over 30 years of marriage i hope it last until the end just like my grand parents.

Hey Pussy Kat!!!!!!!! Men Want the Same from a Woman.. As for the Mama's Boy. Thingy... You Should Apreciate a Guy who Loves His Mother, Because this Means He will Treat you Right... Remember Girl Friends, Wife. Boy Friends and Husbands. Can Be Replaced.... Parents, Brother and Sisters Cant...

this chick is a babe and has some good advice. one thing she left out was to have a porsche and wear a sock in your pants.

well to be fair dude i have always been told that is only for guy's who lack something. lol

I think she's pretty cool. Like, a friend kind of girl. Nuh someone I'd wanna date, but still cool.

It's kinda true, 'cos people who usually ask "What were you doing?" or "what are you doing?" are usually douches and nothing can every be fun, 'cos there are guidelines. A relationship should be somethin' between two people of like minds with similar interests but who aren't totally dependent on one-another. An' the "give her what she needs" thing works, too, 'cos if you're constantly asking, "What's wrong?" or "are you okay?" you know you have a problem and you most likely suck. Ah well.

Gd ol' greenskeepers...

You are so Fit

is that scientific or thats just what you want for a guy ?

this are quite useful tips, ill keep them in mind for future reference. thanks.

she's so pretty!!!!

ahh great advice

but you forgot looks..attraction has to be there. Hey andy I like the sock tip..and contine to point down there and repeat..know what i'm sayin'!..LOL(i'm kidding)

this video was a great help!. But I am a Nice Guy and Not! by choice, It's just who i am.
I always end up saying something stupid or unintentionally saying things that make absolutely no sense?. I wonder if she has any tips for that?

this almost always happens when i am around incredibly attractive women, and unfortunately beautiful women are everywhere.

u r the firs one who under stand a girl that is why u can tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u r a smart one

I can do all that, especially the last point. :D I'm sorry I'm just kidding, but yeah, those are good points. I would like to add just one more: to be presentable and clean, that's what my female friends always says.

she is soo cute

sorry but kitty is selffish and if you let a woman be right all the time then you'll just be a push over. Stand your ground and let them know whats on your mind. A woman, nowadays ,wants it all and will awlays have expections no matter what the situation is.

be sweet but be true to yourself , so don't be afraid to speak your mind to a woman.

#$%@ i just get alot of bonus points to even out everything else

bla-bla-bla, this are ridiculous advice's. You think each girl are looking for a perfect boy, or each boy will do everything his girl to be pleased. The one and the only rule - just fall in love, cause if you trully love someone you'll do all this tips without advice's from the side. Besides you can see that all guys noticed only how your beauty but not your tips. (It's my own opinion).
p.s. Don't judge me for my bad english, it's not my native :)

How can I make my wife fall in love with my boss? I need a rise...

wow some of ya'll niggas are rediculious, cant spell, an disrespectful as hell anyway thanks for the advice ma, i realy appreciate it most of i already knew but you still helped w/ what you could thank you..

cn i get some frens cse i am new here

This is the worst advice ever don't listen to what girls tell you how to date... they don't know what they want... and you shouldn't listen to how they want you to act.... here is the best advice you can get. BE A MAN!

I found this very unique, But useful none the less. As for the part about being cheap? well it's no picnic here either so would have to say that to make things fair, id go 50/50 there just to be on the safe side LoL!!!

i really thought lies and not being yourself can help you win dating a whole lot of girls, but i found out it's being stupid instead

hey, don be silly, pretty girls are mean like u.

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