How To: Make a Leo fall in love with you

Make a Leo fall in love with you

Once you know what makes a Leo tick, it will be easy to get under his or her skin. Learn how to use astrology advice in dating, by watching this how-to dating video. Pick up tips on making a relationship with a Leo work. Leo's have a healthy self image, so when you date a Leo make sure to admire them.

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I am a leo and I'm not like that I don't like people spending money on me and don't admire me that's creepy, again don't spend money on me I'm not a gladdigger, yea i love to talk but i love for someone to talk back to me, step four is right I love someone who can make me laugh and yes the joke can be about me I love laughing at myself, again don't buy me over priced gifts I will make you take it back and get your money to spend on you. Throw me a party for me birthday THATS ALL. Ilove having people know me age. step 7 is right Don't be all on me no.8 is wrong,wrong,wrong

Some of those comments are true about a leo

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