How To: Make moves at the movies to show a girl you like her

Make moves at the movies to show a girl you like her

If the only way you know how to show a girl you dig her at the movie is the old "yawn and lean your arm over her shoulder" move, then you're clearly not getting any. When you're taking a girl out for a date at the movies, there's a fine line to be drawn between scary and creepy (fondling her a wee bit too soon) and just boring (sweaty palms, not approaching her at all). So how do you walk that fine line from first date to second date?

Check out this episode of the Wing Girls to learn a few moves you can pull on a girl to ensure you get a positive response.

The movie theater is the perfect place to let a girl know you like her.

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okay what kind of movie would work for kissing ?

and i 've tried to kiss her , but she's like ' i just like as a friend' , so, what do i do ? Please help me.

i mean 'she's like ' i just like you as a friend, so what do i do ? Please help me.

i'm gonna hold hands with her, and kiss her . no seriously answer my questions above.

i will bring my girl to a romantic 1 hour movie .

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