How To: Make a Virgo fall in love with you

Make a Virgo fall in love with you

When it comes to looking for love with a Virgo, slobs and slackers need not apply. To trap a Virgo you will need a dignified demeanor, an interest in the arts and sensible spending habits. Learn how to use astrology advice in dating, by watching this how-to video. Pick up astrology tips on making a relationship with a Virgo work by watching this video dating tutorial.

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Most of this is totally true... in fact this video looks exactly like me and my Virgo man! I'm a Scorpio, and a total slob. But the meal thing is, again, totally wrong... my Virgo LOVES to pig out. He orders two or three apps, a big main course, and desert... and we both take most of it home for tomorrow's dinner. If anything, he's the frugal one, but that's okay by me! But yes, he's extremely clean and organized... even after a long day at work, he'll clean the house if I don't first.

ok it is good

Uh yea I'm a Virgo and this description is way off of how I am in relationships.

Most of that is right. I feel I should wait to have sex but I don't lol.


As a fellow Virgo,it's almost on point.We are also perfectionists and extremely analytical,we pick every bit of info apart.We're also the whores of the zodiac,we have this uncanny ability to attract anyone at any time,has a high sex drive and are very sexually liberated,we just don't show that side right away,due to our dignified mannerisms (which they're right about).But we can turn a muthaf*cker out.Be prepared sleeping with Virgos.And yes,we do love to eat (food).

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