How To: Make yourself irresistible to girls or women

Make yourself irresistible to girls or women

How To Make Yourself Irresistible to Girls. You don't have to be tall, dark, handsome, and rich to be a ladies' man. Just learn to recognize what women want. Female friends can provide some insight. Watch this video dating tutorial and learn how to make yourself appealing to women.

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too funny , lol =)


funny with a hint of good advice.

Very cute and true!

omg fisting jokes


I would have never thought women would be attracked to the smell of their own dad.

girls will be girls. : )

good amount of info. and funny as hell. Yes , hell isn't known for laughs. There is a small neighborhood in hell that is the guffaw capitol. HHH didn't feel like going back.

this was interesting , and the smell of dear old dad is scary , whats up with that

u can do all things

the best advice is always think one step ahead but make it look like your going with the flow



LOLS...this vid made me laugh my ass out!

LOL very funny

hahahahaha he mugges that girls with the knife

this is so funny failling

ahhahahaha! lol!

......funny yet strange

its funnnnyyy and cuteee

ok thats pretty funny when your bored as hell, and be careful, if you have ALOT of female friends, they might think your, ummm..... attracted to men lol, merry christmas, haha thats right i said it you jews

this is written by woman.....guys its BS....this will get you no where but used and abused.

this has been written by a woman...its BS.....if you you do what she says you will be used and abused. Just think back to what your mom told you about women.....she lied too....they can't help it.LOL

lol real funny rolf .... ;-)

Thank you so much. Your video helped me out so much. Now I can pick up super models like Tom Brady.

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