How To: Make yourself irresistible to guys

Make yourself irresistible to guys

Forget what your mom told you about being yourself—there are definite things you can do to tip the odds in your favor! Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to make yourself irresistible to guys.

You Will Need

* Eye makeup
* An inquisitive mind
* And a willingness to laugh at his jokes
* Hair volumizer
* Lip plumpers

Step 1. Don't starve yourself
Step 2. Grow out hair
Step 3. Make eyes appear larger
Step 4. Be choosy
Step 5. Be informed & well read
Step 6. Flatter him
Step 7. Laugh at his jokes
Step 8. Enjoy yourself

Tip: Use volumizer to boost your hair, and lip plumpers to pump up your pout, since pillowy lips denote youth.

Fact: Research shows that while being seriously unattractive makes it harder to find love, being attractive actually doesn't give much of an advantage over being average.

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