How To: Meet men if you're over 60

Meet men if you're over 60

You are never too old to meet a mate! Never! In this video, learn some great tips on how to socialize your life to meet men when over 60.

You Will Need:
• A faith community
• A local newspaper
• New clothes
• Internet access

Step 1
Attend social functions sponsored by your house of worship. At the conclusion of services, stay around for any events afterward.

Step 2
Attend potluck dinners – they're gaining popularity as a community social event. You can also sponsor your own, and begin developing them as a regular event. Try to attend two or three a month.

Step 3
Find local not-for-profit organizations, and ask for ways to help. Often volunteers tend to be mature singles.

Step 4
Spice up your wardrobe with new outfits that reflect who you are and who you want to attract.

Step 5
Attend lectures and seminars offered by spiritual leaders, authors, and researchers. And make conversation with your seatmates!

Trivia: In 2005, a 96-year-old British man married a 90-year-old woman, making them one of the oldest couples ever to wed.

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