How To: Meet singles in the suburbs

Meet singles in the suburbs

It can be hard finding fellow singles in the suburbs but it can be done! Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are out and about meeting new people in public settings. Don't forget about your online or in print options.

If you want to meet a single someone in the suburbs, here's how to hit the scene.

You Will Need

* A community newspaper
* A library
* A corner store
* A grocery store
* Suburban friends
* Suburban clubs
* Concerts
* A place of worship
* Organized sports
* Suburban bars
* A computer with internet access (optional)
* Speed dating events (optional)

Step 1: Check community paper

Check your local community newspaper for classified ads. Many singles understand the lack of suburban singles venues and take out classified ads.

Step 2: Look around

Be on the lookout at your local library, corner store, and grocery store. You can find singles everywhere if you keep your eyes peeled.

Step 3: Socialize with friends

Socialize at suburban friends' parties. Try to get introduced to singles through mutual friends.

Step 4: Attend events

Attend wine tastings or join suburban garden clubs to meet singles who share your interests.

Step 5: Go to concerts

Go to concerts that are likely to attract suburban types. Many suburban communities feature concerts in local parks throughout the summer months.

Step 6: Join a church or synagogue

Many places of worship have a newsletter or bulletin in which they advertise happenings geared toward single members of the congregation.

Though speed dating doesn't guarantee you a suburban partner, it allows you to meet someone for a couple minutes and then move on.

Step 7: Play team sports

Play sports on a local team, even if you're not athletic. Bowling counts.

Step 8: Go to bars

Go to suburban bars and clubs. When people say they're tired of the bar scene, they usually mean they've exhausted the market.

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