How To: Pick someone up in a bar

Pick someone up in a bar

Think your stunning good looks are all the charm you need? Maybe, but having a plan of action doesn't hurt. Learn how to pick someone up in a bar with this how to video. The dating world can be tough, so pay attention.

You Will Need
* Confidence
* And the ability to improvise

Step 1: Approach the person
Approach the person you want to pick up. Have good posture– your walk must convey confidence.
Tip: Read a newspaper before going out so you'll have conversation topics ready, just in case.

Step 2: Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself with a simple "Hi." Research shows it's the most effective opening line.

Step 3: Focus on other person
Keep the conversation focused on the other person; people love to talk about themselves.
Tip: Use the other person's name. As communications legend Dale Carnegie once said, "The sweetest sound in any language is a person's name."

Step 4: Keep things light
Keep things light. Surveys show that people are drawn to a good sense of humor in a first encounter.

Step 5: Move on
Gauge the person's interest after a few minutes; if he or she keeps looking away or backing up, move on.

Step 6: Swap numbers
Swap phone numbers. Of course, if you're really hitting it off, you won't need to.

Half of club-goers report having had a serious relationship with someone they met in a bar.

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