How To: Spot a player

Spot a player

Steer clear from empty flattery and malicious social engineering with these tips on how to avoid a player.

Avoid getting ambushed by the ruthless player. Here's how to identify the traits of this predatory species.

Step 1: Beware of the stare

Beware of a guy who stares at you for too long. It's a sign of aggression and usually means you're his next conquest.

Step 2: Assess his style

Assess a guy's style for clues. Super-grooming signals he's probably more into himself than you.

Step 3: Pay attention to body language

Pay attention to his body language. If he leans in close to you right away he is staking out his territory.

TIP: A player will bore a hole in you with his eyes while talking, then look away when you respond – a good sign he's not really listening.

Step 4: Distrust immediate intimacy

Distrust the guy who showers you with compliments or falls for you too quickly. Players use charm and flattery as a way to move in quickly.

Step 5: Look for an ever-present cell phone

Look for an ever-present cell phone in the hand of the player. If he guards his cell phone like a pit bull and doesn't let you use it, he's probably a player.

TIP: The sophisticated player will acknowledge that he has many female "friends" who often call.

Step 6: Be suspicious of unreliability

Be suspicious if the player always calls late, doesn't show up, and constantly offers lame excuses. Look out for a guy who's always busy.

Step 7: Beware of jealousy

Beware of someone who's extremely jealous and possessive, especially early in the relationship. If they don't trust you, it usually means they can't be trusted themselves.

Did you know? Fifty-five percent of the impression we get from a person is formed through body language.

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