How To: Talk to a woman when there's nothing to talk about

Talk to a woman when there's nothing to talk about

In this video from Charisma Arts, we're shown how to talk to women when there's nothing easy to talk about. Some women are very easy to begin a conversation with because they're doing something unique. They look as if they want to be talked to, and there's something to comment on. Those women are easier to talk to. More likely, though, the woman is not doing anything you can comment on. A lot of attractive women get approached all the time and they have their shields up, not making it easy for you. If you see a woman talking on her cell phone, who knows if there's even anyone on the other end of that conversation. She might be talking to her own voice mail. If you see a woman on her cell phone, you could interrupt her, but she might resent that. So, instead, you should wait her out within conversational distance. The moment become conversations will go quickly. But what are you going to ask her to start the conversation? Since you don't know anything about her, you should use a positive presumption. That is, presume something interesting about her and go from there. In the example shown in this video, the man asks the woman what kind of art she makes, because he gets an artistic vibe from her. Something like this gets the ball rolling quite well, and then you're talking! Be amazing with women, with the help of Charisma Arts!

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