How To: Talk to women for guys

Talk to women for guys

How to talk to women is a question that every man faces at one time or another. Men are looking for an inside on communicating to women. Whether you are looking for a date or just a friendship, just be yourself.

What's your approach? How do you talk to women? How do you talk to men? How do you talk to women who've been taped together from grocery bags and a gift box? ...Ah, the mysteries of life.

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i will try the gum pick up trick to see if it works who knows i might gets some tail

the end is quite funny

Wonderful my friend that your buddy got so much "tail" as you say from a $.99 packet of gum! I can't say this enough, --- and I'm certainly no Casanova, so to speak, --- but I personally find (at least when your talking about the Bar situation) that women are intrigued over the individual that sits at the end of the Bar and says nothing, usually prompting her to come over herself to initiate some investigating conversation; and you can be certain by this time that she already has some interest in you, unless you turn out to be some #$%@!+* and rag on her about whatever #$%@ty mood your in.
Also, it works in reverse! If they (a single or group of females, of course) see you just sitting there quietly at the end of the Bar for awhile, and then you finally get up (usually when I need to got to the bathroom) to initiate some conservation with just a simple hello, or as you said, a comment about something interesting attire they are wearing, usually they do not feel attacked, so to speak, and their defenses are down because they already view you as a person of not only interest, but one who is not trying to hit on her merely to get some nookie.
Simply speaking, being Mysterious can be very advantageous and, if not nothing, "saves face" for the lack of embarrassing intros' or pick-up lines. Of course, this is not to say that a person should hang out at the end of the Bar all day and night waiting for a woman (or some princess) to hit on them. Just be yourself; and even with friends --- walk away for a while and give opportunity a chance. Besides I've met some pretty 'wild' women by letting them come to me!!!, to say the least of them.

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