Celebrate Mardi Gras by convincing girls to flash you

Celebrate Mardi Gras by convincing girls to flash you Carnival is upon us. Pre-Lenten festivals are being celebrated across the globe. From New Orleans to Brazil, the parties share many similarities: float parades, extravagant dance, bead tossing and of course, the consumption of spirits.

Depending on how you roll, Mardi Gras is either an elaborate parade or a throwback to Cancún, Spring Break '96. The following video better serves the latter.

Whether you're bar crawling Bourbon Street or toasting at a house party, getting people to flash you guarantees a wild night.

Only the folks at UK's VideoJug could produce a film so gratuitous, yet strikingly informative. They break down the raucous act of convincing someone to show off their naughty bits into a step-by-step science.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

Click to play Get a girl to flash you video (will open in new window).



i <3 the video at 1:37


so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

not bad, not bad at

I was a Mormon missionary and chicks used to flash us all the time when we were riding around on our bikes! It's the only thing that got me through those 2 agonizing years.

That statement makes me want to become a Mormon. Well not really, can't I just ride on the bikes all dressed up like a tool without actually goin to church and still get flashed?

not a chance man! only cheep girls would do that!

if you need to get a girl to flash you , you are already a loser. Go home and grope some man......

Lol youlotrtossers, wtf? Why did you watch the video then? Feeling a bit self-degrading are we?

it also helps if the guy is hot

American Girls?.... Easy! "show them the money!" Ha Ha!.... FA

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