News: Celebrate Mardi Gras by convincing girls to flash you

Celebrate Mardi Gras by convincing girls to flash you

Celebrate Mardi Gras by convincing girls to flash you Carnival is upon us. Pre-Lenten festivals are being celebrated across the globe. From New Orleans to Brazil, the parties share many similarities: float parades, extravagant dance, bead tossing and of course, the consumption of spirits.

Depending on how you roll, Mardi Gras is either an elaborate parade or a throwback to Cancún, Spring Break '96. The following video better serves the latter.

Whether you're bar crawling Bourbon Street or toasting at a house party, getting people to flash you guarantees a wild night.

Only the folks at UK's VideoJug could produce a film so gratuitous, yet strikingly informative. They break down the raucous act of convincing someone to show off their naughty bits into a step-by-step science.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.

Click to play Get a girl to flash you video (will open in new window).

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i <3 the video at 1:37


so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

not bad, not bad at

I was a Mormon missionary and chicks used to flash us all the time when we were riding around on our bikes! It's the only thing that got me through those 2 agonizing years.

That statement makes me want to become a Mormon. Well not really, can't I just ride on the bikes all dressed up like a tool without actually goin to church and still get flashed?

not a chance man! only cheep girls would do that!

if you need to get a girl to flash you , you are already a loser. Go home and grope some man......

Lol youlotrtossers, wtf? Why did you watch the video then? Feeling a bit self-degrading are we?

it also helps if the guy is hot

American Girls?.... Easy! "show them the money!" Ha Ha!.... FA

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