News: Devour a cougar. Rrrrrrr.

Devour a cougar.   Rrrrrrr.


Mariah Carey 38, came out from a paparazzi vortex last week marrying Nick Cannon 27. She and her cougar cohorts are not ashamed to be the older woman in their relationships.

Cougars are the new MILFs. Defined as an older woman who has a specific fancy for much younger men, we figured the specific art deserved detailed instruction.

How great is the internet! How great is life. A doggone bona fide Cougar tutorial.

No one knows the clear origin of this urban slang. Could be the leopard print tops these boy-eaters wear when cruising the nightclubs. Could be a simple feline analogy.

No matter. We surrender to the older woman. And how.

Click to play Be a sexy cougar and get hot younger men video (will open in new window).

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i especially love the cat snarl at the beginning.

Jennifer Aniston is 39, and I'd keep surrendering to her until I could surrender no more...

god bless these cougars.

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