How To: Attract a man like a magnet

Attract a man like a magnet

This video shows how to attract a man like a magnet! There are three powerful principles involved. Men are very attracted by confidence. It is not a question of acting confident, but of being confident. You need to practise thinking about what you like and appreciate about yourself. You should not try to impress a man because he can sense that you are auditioning for him. Principle number one is to stop trying to impress him. Men love to pursue a woman. Think about yourself as a flower and think of men as bees. Principle number two is to let a man come after you. Men lose interest when a woman tries to chase. Sometimes women get too serious in seeking a man, and they stop relaxing. You should allow yourself to play. The third prinicple is to allow yourself to play. You should flirt and relax and enjoy yourself. That's it!

Attract a man like a magnet

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